Our Story

Frisky Kids are a Canadian rock band with a sound that is best described as a mix of sixties pop and 21st century garage rock. Focusing on melodies and harmonies as opposed to solely guitar driven rock, their music reflects the vocal styles of some of the original rock bands imbued with modern energy and pace. Their live performances are frenetic and capture the excitement that rock and roll was first founded on.

With echoes to Beatlesque harmonies to the modern feel of The Strokes and The Black Keys, Frisky Kids evoke the origins of rock and roll in the 21st century. Since forming in the Summer of 2012, they have been actively forming a loyal fan base by playing countless shows and appearing on various radio stations.

Frisky Kids’ original brand of rock and roll has earned them praise throughout the Montreal music scene. Aside from various radio features, Frisky Kids also appeared on television for the first time in the Summer of 2014 on Television du Sud-Ouest.

“Don’t let their polite, button up shirt demeanor fool you; these guys don’t waste your time with a beach boy sing-along. Instead, they really cut loose with hooky retro rock tunes, groovy bass lines, falsetto and harmonies. These guys mean frisky business.”

-Montreal Rampage, December 2014

“C’est un spectacle très prenant, et la Casa del Popolo se réchauffe rapidement sous l’effet des pieds et des mains du public.”

-Le Delit, March 2014

“One of my biggest criticisms when it comes to new bands is how memorable their sound is. In the case of Frisky Kids, they had me humming and singing their lyrics even hours after having listened to their music. Frisky Kids combine a certain grit and texture which sucks you in and holds on to you from beginning to end.”

-Montreal Music Scene, June 2014